ESONA is a solution designed for towns and villages that need to increase their control over the waste removal process. A transparent process of registration and management of waste containers will allow to control the containers and reduce the hidden costs of waste removal and disposal.
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Senec is one of the first towns/villages to use this system. This week’s episode of Svet technológií on TA3 features a report on how the solution works and what benefits it can bring you.

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ESONA TA3 - Svet technológií

The solution includes interconnected functions that can be used to ensure cost-effective waste container management and waste removal monitoring.


The ESONA system provides the registration of waste containers. Each waste container is labeled with an electronic chip that carries information about the volume of the container and the type of waste. The container is assigned a unique identifier in the database and a fee payer.


The actual control of the waste container registration takes place during the waste removal. Each time the waste container is emptied, the data on its emptying is recorded in the central database. The data recorded includes date and time, actual container volume status, and GPS coordinates of the waste removal for each emptied waste container. An important functionality of the system is the collection of information on incorrect conditions (e.g. such that complicate or hinder the waste removal). The collected data is analyzed, evaluated, and provides users with information on the status of removals, the amount of waste actually removed, and problematic cases.


Benefits for towns and villages

  • Overview of removed volumes of waste form individual fee-payers.
  • Possibility of billing for waste removal according to the volume of waste actually removed.
  • Reduction of the total volume of unrecycled solid municipal waste for the whole town/village, thereby reducing payments for waste removal, disposal, or landfilling.
  • A tool for targeted support of waste recycling.
  • A tool for passportization, control an inventory/registration of waste containers.
  • A tool for quick identification of irregularities in the process of waste registration and removal (deficiencies in registration, errors or attempts to avoid paying fees), which allows their targeted and quick remediation.

Benefits of the solution for waste removal companies

  • The relevant basis for objective invoicing to the town/village – a list of emptied containers – a documented volume of waste for the respective invoicing period.
  • Waste removal monitoring with a recording of incorrect conditions.
  • Transparency of services that minimizes the need to resolve complaints from the town/village as well as complaints from fee-payers (residents and organizations).

Benefits of the solution for fee-payers (residents and organizations)

  • The solution provides an information portal on the status of waste containers emptying.
  • The possibility of targeted billing of payments for municipal solid waste according to the volume actually removed from individual fee-payers, and thus their motivation to reduce the volume of produced unrecycled municipal solid waste.
  • The flexibility of waste removal – the fee-payer does not have to be bound exclusively by a flat-rate waste removal regime. They may be charged for the waste removal and disposal services according to the volume of waste actually produced and removed.

If you are interested in getting more information, visit the solution website at or feel free to contact MIM, s.r.o. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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