Cloud integration solution - Talend Cloud


When to consider the Cloud integration solution?

✓  Data operations in the company do not take place with an even load and maintaining a permanent hardware infrastructure is not profitable
✓  Additional costs of care are incurred in the case of regular migrations of the information platform to the latest versions or problems in its obsolescence
✓  The payment license model of the current solution is not very flexible when increasing or decreasing the use of the system

How will the Cloud Integration solution help your business?

The transition to Cloud solutions is a trend in a modern, fast-growing economy in which many start-ups do not have the resources or goal to build their own IT departments and infrastructure. On the one hand, the Cloud solution represents saved operating costs for hardware, on the other hand, reduced personnel costs associated with the administration of the internal system, and its updating, and maintenance.

In well-established companies, the Cloud solution can help open the system, where part of the operations requiring extended access (to resources and users) is moved to the cloud environment, while the remaining operations are maintained at their own expense (hybrid solution).

The solution includes ready-made functionality for connection to all the most popular cloud storage and computing platforms (Amazon, Azure, Google, Snowflake, Redshift, and others), to ensure the interconnection of the company's existing cloud solutions.



A comprehensive Data Fabric solution consists of the following functional areas:


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