Data Stewardship Console


When to consider the Data Stewardship Console solution?

✓  The company plans to implement or has established Master Data Management
✓  There are several separate data sources with duplicate data in the company, but it is not possible to automatically determine their uniqueness and duplicity
✓  The company processes data that needs to be manually evaluated by its owners
✓  The company wants to consolidate several data sources into one output with the selection of data according to the trustworthiness of their source


How will the Data Stewardship Console solution help your business?

Introducing the role of Data Stewardship is a key step towards a data-driven organization and a condition for applying the principles of Data Management, which is coming to the forefront in the modern economy as a necessary managerial approach.

The Data Stewardship Console solution is delivered as an additional application of integration solutions and through a clear graphical environment it offers users all functionalities for data quality management, defining their quality and allocating unique and correct records in data sources.

Of course, there is a wide range of support functionality, such as campaign and workflow management, definition of data models and integration of data acquisition and uploading within data transmissions.

The background of the strong Talend platform operating at the international level ensures the possibility of adapting to the latest technologies and procedures before they are recognized at the local level (it offers a market direction compass).


Main advantages

+  Involvement of business users, data owners in improving data quality in the company
+  Relieving the IT department and reducing the cost of implementing data quality rules
+  Ensuring the sharing of data source creation logics
+  Unique graphical environment adapted for managing data cleaning campaigns and creating master data
+  Flexible and clear licensing policy without additional fees for data volumes and numbers of implementations
+  Ability to combine all solutions for Data Integration, Data Quality, Application Integration, and Big Data within one single product.



A comprehensive Data Fabric solution consists of the following functional areas:


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In addition to the often used on-premise type of installation, Talend also offers a hybrid or cloud installation, which you can read more about here.