Data Quality


When to consider the Data Quality solution?

✓  The company owns the data, but due to its very poor quality it is not able to get added value from the data
✓  Data cleaning represents an increase in labor costs due to unnecessarily repetitive tasks of employees
✓  Poor data leads to incorrect production planning, incorrect strategic decisions, and deteriorating customer relationships, resulting in losses in warehouse planning, labor utilization, operating costs, and missed business opportunities
✓  Ensuring quality data is costly and the introduction of new quality control rules requires new performance from the supplier
✓  Data cleaning procedures and rules are confusing and difficult to manage in the company, whether in terms of a large number of data sources, departments, or employees involved.

How will the Data Quality solution help your business?

The Data Quality solution allows you to gain control over the data passing through the company. It provides tools for quality control of all forms of data sources and flows in an organization. With the help of the built-in functionality, it is possible to automatically clean the data into the required format according to pre-set rules and to ensure quality and reliable data in the required structure quickly and easily. Regular reporting of Data Quality will always point out the deterioration of the quality of data sources and the need for additional intervention. Predefined algorithms for searching for duplicate and conflicting records can be set easily and clearly without the need to create additional functionality.

The possibility of involving regular users in the quality management of large data sources with the Data Preparation module.

The background of the strong Talend platform operating at the international level ensures the possibility of adapting to the latest technologies and procedures before they are recognized at the local level (it offers a market direction compass).

Main advantages

+  Additional data cleaning using predefined algorithms according to best practice
+  Automatic additional data cleaning according to your own business rules
+  Reduction of costs resulting from data poor quality
+  Automatic creation of reports for visual monitoring of quality development
+  Possibility of direct implementation into Data Integration processes (so-called data purification during creation or in motion)
+  Ready-made Data Masking Components (GDRP)
+  One-stop-shop administration “under your own roof”
+  Support for a strong open community of developers
+  Easy integration cost planning
+  Flexible and clear licensing policy without additional fees for data volumes and number of integrations
+  Ability to combine all solutions for Data Integration, Data Quality, Application Integration, and Big Data within one single product.



A comprehensive Data Fabric solution consists of the following functional areas:


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In addition to the often used on-premise type of installation, Talend also offers a hybrid or cloud installation, which you can read more about here.