Data Integration


When to consider Data Integration solutions?

✓  There are a large number of unconnected data sources (databases, files, systems) living “their own life” in the company
✓  The company loses an overview of its data
✓  The company is unable to quickly obtain data from these sources and consolidate the data needed for rapidly changing business needs
✓  Obtaining and linking your data requires the management of multiple vendors who "hold" your data
✓  Transformation of inputs for new business analyzes is always associated with additional costs
✓  It is necessary to connect various data sources (different databases and file formats) or integrate new data sources quickly, easily and without additional costs
✓  The company is not interested in building an IT department on less flexible hardcoding operations demanding rapid change according to new requirements


How will the Data Integration solution help your business?

The Data Integration solution allows you to get the full value from all the data sources to which your organization has access. Thanks to the native support of all the most used platforms and the clearly determined price of the solution, Data Integration offers a way to build a strong IT department capable of responding flexibly and quickly to new business requirements.

The background of the strong Talend platform operating at the international level ensures the possibility of adapting to the latest technologies and procedures before they are recognized at the local level (it offers a market direction compass).


Main advantages

+  Own custom management of all data sources
+  Elimination of dependence on third-party suppliers and partial systems
+  Fast creation of new data sources and integrations
+  One-stop-shop administration “under your own roof”
+  Support for a strong open community of developers
+  Easy integration cost planning
+  Flexible and clear licensing policy without additional fees for data volumes and numbers of integrations
+  Ability to combine all solutions for Data Integration, Data Quality, Application Integration, and Big Data in one single product


A comprehensive Data Fabric solution consists of the following functional areas:


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In addition to the often used on-premise type of installation, Talend also offers a hybrid or cloud installation, which you can read more about here.