Talend Data Fabric - Comprehensive integration solution



When to consider the Data Fabric solution?

✓  The company needs a strong software platform capable of covering all internal and external integration requirements in any environment.

✓  The integration platform should be able to work in both local and cloud environments.

✓  The integration platform should handle the integration of not only traditional but also Big Data systems.

✓  The solution should be flexible in terms of performance and licensing, and should be user friendly

How will the Data Fabric solution help your business?

With the Data Fabric solution, the company no longer has to deal with the selection of additional integration products.

Data Fabric covers a range of functionalities to secure each of the areas of the main Data Management processes: Data Integration, Data Quality, Application integration, Master Data Management, Big Data, Cloud integration and additional data quality management applications, such as Data Preparation, Talend Data Stewardship Console, Data inventory and Data Catalog.

The background of the strong Talend platform operating at the international level ensures the possibility of adapting to the latest technologies and procedures before they are recognized at the local level (it offers a market direction compass).

Main advantages

+  One strong integration compatible platform for all areas of quality assurance, management and control of data operations

+  Elimination of dependence on third party suppliers and partial systems

+  Fast deployment of new integrations between systems and applications

+  One-stop-shop administration

+  Support for a strong open community of developers

+  Easy integration cost planning

+  Flexible and clear licensing policy without additional fees for data volumes and numbers of implementations

+  Ability to combine all solutions for Data Integration, Data Quality, Application Integration, and Big Data in one single product

Today's world and corporate environment are becoming more and more interconnected, the amount of generated and processed data is multiplying. If customers want to stay competitive, they need to be prepared and adapt dynamically to constant changes.

To meet these challenges, MIM offers unique solutions for data source integration, data management and quality using the Talend product platform, which helps to efficiently use all available customer data.




How to start?

The demo can be provided on request from our sales representatives or via our leads shown at our web site.

MIM s.r.o. is a MVAR (Master Value Added Reseller) partner of Talend for the Slovak Republic. We provide consulting services for the design and implementation of solutions, offer training and support sales activities.

For more information on how to start building your Data Fabric integration solution, follow our website or contact us directly at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


A comprehensive Data Fabric solution consists of the following functional areas:


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In addition to the often used on-premise type of installation, Talend also offers a hybrid or cloud installation, which you can read more about here.