Opportunity for change

When using BI, the company solves problems with historically created technical limitations:

  • Operational reporting and BI processes do not use the current self-service capabilities of modern BI tools, which makes the system inflexible and outdated.
  • Tools are technologically limited on the selected platform or device.
  • The BI database contains a limited database (eg unconnected data sources, missing historical data, etc.), as a result of which the BI informative value is degraded.
  • Preparation of data for reporting and analysis is demanding, it is necessary to manually process data from multiple data sources and formats, their merging or further cleaning (it is necessary to repeat the processing with each subsequent update).
  • The selection of data for analysis or the creation and editing of a report require technical support or a vendor's intervention, eventually, programming knowledge is required.
  • It is necessary to combine data from several sources in one output.


With our solutions, you get a modern multi-channel BI environment that:

  • Corresponds to the current possibilities and trends, provides rich visualization capabilities, break down of details, self-service, creation of own reports and assemblies, etc
  • Utilizes a consolidated, maintained, and high-quality database optimized for the needs of BI users,
  • Is built on modern technologies using open source and cloud services, the using of which brings the expected cost reduction
  • Meets specific needs and integration into its operating environment, such as integration into spreadsheets and office tools, integration of reports and visualizations into operational applications, KPIs displayed using visual elements (code lists/dashboards)

Selected references

  • Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic – BI solutions for reporting and analytical tools over Government Debt data or the Central Consolidation System.
  • Analytical Center, Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic – optimization of BI environment, creation of a central consolidated data layer for analytical purposes, deployment of analytical tools for statistical reporting, and analytical needs of the Analytical Center.
  • OFZ, a.s. – introduction of a professional management tool to support management and decision-making processes in order to streamline the process of creating a Business and Financial Plan.

Get the optimum solution for your BI using proven SAP BI and GRAPHLYTIC platforms.