Our solutions can face not only the increase in the amount of recorded data but also the need to monitor the relationships and connections among the individual elements in these records.


Opportunity for change:

Organizations do not have the necessary tools to look at functioning business relationships and their contexts, which are difficult to comprehend due to their complexity. Every subject wants to:

  • receive business/economic relations information about the given partner and their relationships to their environment (e.g. foaf/ company register)
  • see in technical processing the impact of the failure of one technical component on the rest of the technological chain (e.g. CMBD IT infrastructure)
  • see in telephone communication a communication map of calls throughout the organization



  • A quick, clear, and comprehensible view of the strengths and weaknesses of a business.
  • Interactive BI environment enabling a graph view of nodes, relationships, and dependencies, with the ability to monitor and model relationships.
  • Ability to interactively uncover and cover relationships, switch between individual nodes, select according to pre-defined rules, etc.


Selected references

  • DataCentre, Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic – visualization of configuration database (CMDB) and IT infrastructure
  • Analytical Center, Ministry of Justice of the Slovak Republic – visualization of states and movements of court files, an analytical tool to analyze the length of court proceedings and anomalies in court proceedings.

We use graph databases of GRAPHLYTIC and Neo4j platforms for special data visualization.