Provision of consulting and advisory services in mapping, analysis, and design of economic processes

mfsr new 2021


The main purpose of the project was to improve systems and optimize public administration processes. The aim was to map, analyze and catalog the “AS – IS” performance status of economic processes of the state and their coverage by information systems, processing of detailed process maps, design of unified and optimized economic processes with the allocation of processes suitable for coverage by the Central Economic System and for their automation, processing new detailed procedural maps and comprehensive legislative analysis of the current situation.

Benefits and advantages of the solution

The implementation of the Mapping, Analysis and Design of Economic Processes of the State project will ensure the unification of economic processes in organizations, which can contribute to reducing the costs of performing their support activities and the costs of operating their economic information systems.

The project supported by the Operational Programme Effective Public Administration brings cataloging of the current performance of support and administrative activities and the state of their coverage by information systems in selected public administration institutions and the proposal of new unified and optimized processes, thus creating a framework for widespread implementation of a unified methodological and procedural framework.

The benefit of this project is to ensure the existence of central data sources based on economic and support agendas that are used in the management and development of public administration and also support the cost reduction of the operation of back-office information systems and the costs of performing support activities in the state administration environment.


The project also included a proposal for legislative amendments necessary for the implementation of the Reform Plan of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic entitled "Unification and optimization of economic processes of the state and implementation of the Central Economic System".