During the 2nd year of the conference on Data Management we experienced an exceptional moment when our colleague Igor Dančík presented his new book titled "Data Management". With its content and presentation, the book is a useful guide for experts in the field of Data Management, business owners, students and everyone who wants to gain valuable information, understand and use the importance of this area in today's business management.

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About the book

“The emergence of the Data Management discipline is a response to the explosion of ubiquitous data, the volumes, and diversity of which have outgrown the possibilities of common procedures and tools. This book answers the questions of how to use the value of data, effectively manage its processing and have enough control over the data. It explains the basic concepts and principles, goals and benefits of data management and also provides specific guidelines and advice for its implementation. If you are responsible for data in a company, public institution, or other organization, this book is a must have and be a included in your library.”

Ján Staník
Executive Director, MIM, s.r.o.


In the author’s words

"The main ambition of the publication is to provide and explain the internal logic of data management, the understanding of which is necessary for the practical construction and operation of data management – i.e. the basic principles of data management, the interconnection of roles and processes, the relationship of data management with other components of the organization (e.g. IT, business structures and processes, etc.), the logic of why organizations should address data management issues, what scope and form of data management are suitable for the environment in which the organization is located and, finally, how to build a data management system."

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Igor Dančík


You will find out in the publication


Introduction to the issue


Common starting points and information to understand data management



Logic and description of individual control, basic and supporting processes of data management







Project-oriented part

Chapter 1
Provides a managerial introduction and summary of data management issues, along with an illustration of its construction in a fictitious organization.

Chapter 2
Describes common starting points and defines the basic frameworks valid for all areas and all roles of data management, so the holders of all roles of data management should be acquainted with them.

Orientation in frameworks and starting points is a prerequisite for understanding the rest of the document.


Chapter 3 to 5
Form the main and most important part of data management issues and contain descriptions of operational processes of data management, divided into:

  • management processes, which are carried out mainly by the in-control roles of
    data management,
  • operational processes carried out by specialists in data storage, integration,
    and quality,
  • support processes that are used by virtually all data management roles.


Chapter 6
Illustrates the process of building a data management system. It is intended mainly for management roles focused on building and developing data management.


Autor knihy pri jej uvedení

 The author of the book, Igor Dančík (right), at its presentation during the 2nd year of the conference on Data Management

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