The company MIM, which gained experience in the implementation of Data Management solutions on the Talend platform and operates in Slovakia as a Talend Master VAR partner, has prepared a professional event in the pleasant premises of the Gate One Bratislava hotel. The main topic of the event was Data Management. The participants also got acquainted with the Talend platform, whose tools are already used for Data Management in Slovakia.

Our product manager for Talend solutions, Ivan Stríček, has prepared a short series of articles for you on how to take care of company data even during home office. Read the first part. The period of reduced business activities associated with working from home can be an ideal opportunity to clean up and streamline internal processes, for which there is no time and free resources left during full operation. One of the main areas, on which it is necessary to focus free capacities and thus prepare a stable ground for a new onslaught after the market recovery, is the area of Data Management.

Wednesday, 27 January 2021 22:03

Fear not to grow!

When a small company starts to prosper and its business starts to grow, it raises the question: Is it or is it not appropriate to expand the company itself? Definitely yes! Fear not to grow! By far, not everyone wants to do it, because a small firm has a number of advantages over a larger company. People know each other, they have their specific ways of communicating and they are so well-cooperating that often they don't even have to talk to each other and everyone knows what to do. Thanks to this, the company also appears to be maximally flexible on the outside and ready to satisfy customers almost immediately.

Digitization of the world around us brings one interesting fact – there is usually more data in every company than the means of internal BI (Business Intelligence) are able to process and than managers can use in decision-making. With the increase in the volume of data also comes the phenomenon of relational data. The data are nicely structured in tables, but to understand them it is necessary to work with the relationships between the individual parts of the data.

ITAPA 2016 - during the Gala Evening, the most important projects in the field of informatization of society in the category New Services for Society were also awarded. 1st place went to the Central Reference Data Management project, on which we cooperated with Hewlett-Packard Slovakia as a partner company for the customer Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic.

Municipalities Most pri Bratislave, Hrubá Borša, Boldog, Blatné, and Veľký Biel decided on an ecological solution and order in waste. ESONA’s smart solution will enable control of the waste collection process in every municipality or city and help reduce waste collection and disposal costs.

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