V dňoch 23.– 24.6.2022 sme sa zúčastnili desiateho ročníka odbornej konferencie ODPADY 2022, ktorá sa konala v priestoroch  Holiday Inn v Žiline.

The Association of Public Works Organizations of the Slovak Republic is celebrating its 30th anniversary. We were there with a comprehensive ESONA waste management solution.

The export company T+T, together with us, is helping to implement a system in the city of Žilina in which it will be possible to export waste more easily, quickly, and more directly.

On March 17-18, 2022, we again participated in the professional conference of the Association of Heads of Local Government Offices in the Slovak Republic

Routine waste collection in cities and municipalities operates on a system of regular removal of mixed municipal and sorted waste. Waste costs are calculated per capita. However, it is different from the ESONA system. Municipalities have the opportunity to set a waste fee individually for each inhabitant and can significantly increase the share of separation. It is not for nothing that such waste collection is also called intelligent waste export.

The quantitative collection is still in its infancy in Slovakia, and it is a system that can in many cases very effectively save the population money for waste, increase transparency, fairness and is more efficient for municipalities. What is its success?

Every organization needs healthy data - data that is clean, complete, and satisfactory. But what is healthy data and how do you get it?

Tuesday, 21 September 2021 16:11

RFID chips and their use in the ESONA system

How can RFID technology be used in the export of municipal waste? How can it help local governments, trade unions, and even specific citizens?

Friday, 10 September 2021 15:31

ESONA again at the ZMOS 2021 event

With the participation of almost 500 delegates and guests, the 31st ZMOS took place on 8-9 September 2021.

Do you know how to properly sort waste? Which waste containers do they belong to? Each city and municipality may have different waste sorting rules. More in the article.

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