Thursday, 28 January 2021 19:03

Do you own your data?

We all work with a number of applications that produce large amounts of data. But where does this data end? What if it is data produced by our own business activities or systems? Are you sure you own your business data? Or are you just hostages of suppliers, and restless believers in the correctness of "black boxes" and files scattered in your organization? Each and every organization has to ask these questions today.

Thursday, 28 January 2021 10:03

Smart City needs quality data

Every day, local authorities of each city face a difficult task: To satisfy the needs and meet the expectations of its residents, entrepreneurs, and visitors to the city. While people's demands are different and constantly growing, the energy, water, space, transport capacity, or sources of funding have their limits. Resources simply cannot be inflated indefinitely.

The project called OverSi became the winner of the ITAPA 2018 Award. The award for the Best project in the field of digitization of the V4 countries was awarded for the second time.

Thursday, 28 January 2021 02:03

Digital transformation

Do you use internet banking? Of course, who would go to a bank branch building today to make a money transfer order, right? Similarly, with your mobile operator, you handle all changes via the application on your mobile or tablet, or via the call center, and only if necessary you visit the branch (often gritting your teeth) to discuss your problem in person with the employee behind the counter. But what will the employee do?

Thursday, 28 January 2021 01:03

Bulk waste collection with ESONA

The ESONA system is a comprehensive solution, thanks to which you can already introduce bulk waste collection in your municipality or town, and it will help you reduce the volume of mixed municipal waste by up to a third.

In the last part of our series on data care even when working from home, we will focus on the final step of cleaning our data, from the point of view of its business value, which is the most important for us. This lies in their ability to create information for meaningful decision-making, and therefore, in addition to the technical correctness improved in the previous part on dataset preparation, it is necessary to adjust the informative value or veracity of individual records in our data sources.

Wednesday, 27 January 2021 23:03

Even your region can be SMART

Following the towns of Senec and Bernolákovo, other municipalities also decided for an ecological solution and order in their waste management: Hrubý Šúr, Kráľová pri Senci, Veľký Grob, Pusté Úľany, Most pri Bratislave, Hrubá Borša, Boldog, and Jelka. Thanks to accurate and targeted records of all waste containers, local authorities will gain order in waste management, and taxpayers will only pay for what they produce regarding their waste. In every municipality or town, the ESONA smart solution will enable to implement control in the waste collection process and help reduce waste collection and disposal costs.

Before proceeding to the actual cleaning of our data with respect to its informative value and the correctness of individual records resulting from business use, it is often paramount to clean up technical and semantic errors of bulk data contained in individual datasets forming our data portfolio.

Wednesday, 27 January 2021 23:03

Smart City: Truly smart or just a slogan?

Nowadays, saying that our city or village wants to be "Smart" is, so to speak, a mandatory exercise for municipal politicians. We have to admit that the term "Smart City" is generally perceived as synonymous with the progress and modernity of the city. The "Smart City" label is attached to strategic documents, EU support programs, conferences, associations and a whole flood of ideas and ready-made solutions on how to use advanced technologies to improve and make life in the village or city more pleasant for citizens.

Our product manager for Talend solutions, Ivan Stríček, has prepared a short series of articles for you on how to take care of company data even during home office. Read the first part. The period of reduced business activities associated with working from home can be an ideal opportunity to clean up and streamline internal processes, for which there is no time and free resources left during full operation. One of the main areas, on which it is necessary to focus free capacities and thus prepare a stable ground for a new onslaught after the market recovery, is the area of Data Management.

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