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Comparison of free and paid versions of the Talend platform



What is good to know when making a decision?


Key differences in the functionality of free (open source) and paid (Talend Data Fabric)

tools of the Talend platform.


The developer part of the Talend platform consists of three main modules:

Data Integration (DI)                Enterprise service bus (ESB)              Data Quality (DQ)



Without a license, the modules are available as three separate tools (separate programs: Open studio DI, Open studio ESB and Open Studio DQ) intended for one developer with a limited number of components compared to the paid version of Talend Data Fabric.


Comparison of Open Studio and the paid version of Talend Data Fabric:

Open Studio does not support teamwork of developers - ie. teamwork on one project and sharing resources

Open Studio does not allow administration of the delivered solution, while Talend Data Fabric provides a central administration console with the ability to:


  • - User reports
  • - Management of executed tasks - the timing of execution, logs, and overviews of processing, notifications of error states of processing
  • - Central Logging and monitoring console with information about all service calls
  • - Teamwork support - versioning, creation of branches, main packages with subsequent possible deployment to TEST and PROD environment 
  • - Use of created jobs in different projects (reusability)

Open Studios does not contain all components of the paid version, e.g.:


  • - There is no "match" component in the DQ functionality - which is the basic component for matching records
  • - There is no connection to the Data Stewardship console - a data steward GUI designed to solve problem data

Open Studios does not support high availability, load balancing, and failover.


Technical support (for example, solving vulnerabilities) is only available for the paid version.


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Functionality overview of the paid and unpaid versions of the Talend platform.