Wednesday, 28 September 2022 15:15

3rd annual conference on Data management with great feedback


After a long break caused by the covid situation, our company prepared the 3rd annual professional event on current topics in the field of Data Management.


"The health of your data" - the cleanliness, quality, and truthfulness of data, new trends in data care, the possibilities of using the tools of the Talend platform, all these were the main topics of the professional conference, which took place in the pleasant premises of the AC Hotel by Marriott Bratislava Old Town.


3The event was opened by the company's commercial director, Dušan Franců.



In the beginning, he welcomed representatives of private companies and public administration organizations, together with representatives of Talend company Ms. Natalia Halicka, Mr. Olaf Marx, and Mr. Steffen Bischoff.


In the introduction, our product manager Romana Lajdová presented the IT trends of the present and the future.


Colleagues from Talend clarified in their presentations how important it is to have healthy data for correct business decisions and what are the possibilities of data processing and their security in Talend Cloud.


During the conference, the presenters also addressed the topics of the strategic direction of the Talend product portfolio and the possibilities of deploying fast integration solutions without fear of data in cloud solutions.



Part of the series of presentations was also a contribution from the data curator of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, Mr. Peter Stropko, who devoted himself to the application of data quality in public administration organizations. In case studies, he pointed out practical models for setting data quality in a public administration organization, presented experiences with the use of data quality tools in the practice of a public administration organization, and reflected on the tasks of a data curator in the conditions of different organizations.


We believe that all participants took away new stimuli and ideas for their work activities, and established friendly relations that will lead to future cooperation.