Thursday, 25 February 2021 10:48

Monitored collection is more efficient

The system developed by the Slovak company enables efficient planning of collection and transport routes by means of records of exported waste

Good data means good decisions. In this way, a comprehensive system can be summarized, the aim of which is to help all participants in waste collection and transport: export companiestechnical services of cities and municipalities, but also local governments themselves. ESONA automatically records each dump based on a combination of signals from multiple sensors. As a result, it allows you to have the collection under control, plan it more precisely and optimize transport routes.

The system registers each dump

The basis of the functioning of the whole system is the collection of data directly “in the field” using complex IoT (internet of things) units located directly on the dump truck. The devices continuously record the position of the vehicle, the presence of the container, and its RFID identifier during dumps, as well as the date and time of the dump of each container. Empty containers marked with an RFID tag can be unambiguously identified by the municipality or city and “identified” with a specific household or stand. All data is sent from the devices in real-time and users then have it available in the ESONA system.

The record of individual dumps does not complicate or prolong the collection of waste. The multisensor unit manufactured in Slovakia evaluates the dumps automatically and contactlessly. The advantage is that all sensors, as well as location and communication modules, are integrated into a single device, which makes installation simple and requires minimal intervention in the collection vehicle.

However, the smart solution also provides users with other benefits. You can get more information in the article published in the online daily



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