Tuesday, 08 June 2021 10:17

How to eliminate the risk of black dumps?

Prevent access to attractive remote locations

Black dumps usually appear in less frequented, more remote places, which by their location and often run-down are a direct attraction for dump creators.

Therefore, denying access to such ´attractive´ places can help eliminate them. As soon as the first waste appears at a similar site, the competent authorities should therefore ensure, in addition to identifying the actors, that no car can reach that site again. As waste in black dumps is predominantly bulky or large, prevented access by car is a real barrier for future potential offenders.

The indifference and comfort of those who use black dumps definitely contribute to their creation to a large extent. But are they the only reason?

Black dumps as a result of human ruthlessness?

The real reason for the creation of black dumps is rather a combination of human convenience and waste management, which still has significant reserves. One of them is the lack of waste collection points and yards, where citizens can legally hand over waste.

Of course, such places exist, but if we need to use them, we often have to literally look for them. People who are motivated to take bulky or hazardous waste to a legal place should find such a place immediately and easily, without labor and long searches on the Internet.

Yes, there should be more waste collection yards. Yes, they should be as easily accessible as possible. But it is equally important that people know about them, no matter where they live.

There is a lack of enlightenment in children

Related to this is the general education about waste, which is absent in our country.

Not for every citizen is the question „what to do with waste“ equally important, and not everyone is motivated enough to really care about where their household waste ends up. Awareness-raising on everything related to waste should start in primary schools. Children who are already growing up with the feeling that they are directly affected by environmental protection and thus waste disposal will be much more aware of these issues in adulthood and will naturally be interested in where their waste ends up. It could therefore be said very simply that the elimination of black dumps requires more difficult access to black dumps, a denser network of collection points, as well as overall awareness-raising of the correct approach to waste.

The higher the awareness, the higher the engagement

The higher the awareness of waste and the awareness of how we can influence its treatment, the more people will want to get involved in this direction. Municipalities can also actively contribute to raising awareness on the topic of waste, for example by implementing modern solutions such as the SMART system ESONA. It enables a comprehensive record of any exported waste, including a record of biodegradable kitchen waste. The system will not only provide better services but will also provide more information for citizens and businesses in the city. Each taxpayer has information and an overview of when and how many times his container was emptied, while each container is precisely located in the system. Other benefits include that the taxpayer has an overview of assessments and payments, the possibility of online payment, information on changes and exemptions in exports, and important city information on waste.

In addition, the transparent process of registration and management of waste containers creates space for motivating citizens to accept responsibility for the generated waste, environmental protection, and an overall change in the way of life to a healthier and more environmentally friendly one.







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