Saturday, 27 March 2021 04:32

What have 2 years of cooperation in Senec brought?

Collection containers are labeled with RFID chips and delivered to individual fee-payers. This is how the town of Senec entered 2020. Monitoring of container emptying brought the first achievement in the form of reducing the volume of mixed municipal waste (MMW) by more than 700 tons year on year.

The residents of Senec use the Client Zone, thanks to which they have information available in one place about their collection containers, their container emptying, and decisions for municipal waste and small construction waste. All the necessary information is in one place and payment of the fee is easier thanks to the QR code for the payment order.


2 years of cooperation resulted in:


  • Financial savings due to bulk waste collection
  • Targeted fees
  • Motivation for residents to recycle waste more and pay less
  • 16% less municipal waste
  • 33 % more recucled plastic
  • 36 % more recycled glass

Experience with the ESONA solution in the city of Senec brought not only these positives. In an interview with, the head of the Municipal Office and the waste management officer revealed detailed information about the benefits that our solution brought them during 2 years of operation.