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Taking care of data even during home office – Part 1 | Introduction

Our product manager for Talend solutions, Ivan Stríček, has prepared a short series of articles for you on how to take care of company data even during home office. Read the first part.

The period of reduced business activities associated with working from home can be an ideal opportunity to clean up and streamline internal processes, for which there is no time and free resources left during full operation. One of the main areas, on which it is necessary to focus free capacities and thus prepare a stable ground for a new onslaught after the market recovery, is the area of Data Management.

Companies have the opportunity to think about the efficiency of often quickly created data sources, data flows, usability of collected data and focus on their cleaning and consolidation at a time when changes do not jeopardize full operation.

But how to ensure ideal communication of development IT teams with data owners?

Under normal circumstances, the IT department maps data sources, identifies the owners, and in exhaustive meetings, through several iterations, creates a sequence of business rules to clean up data sources. Personal interviews and direct participation of data owners/creators with their consumers and the data integration development team are becoming a daily agenda. Of course, many issues can be resolved directly via teleconferencing, but without direct meetings of the research teams, the whole process can fall apart or slow down considerably when exchanging dataset versions, proposing corrections to individual records, approving them and verifying them retrospectively, until we get the desired result.
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Systems of communication platforms with functions for document sharing in a cloud, their versioning and cooperation in their creation are helpful, but they cannot ensure a smooth and fast workflow in data analysis, discovering their technical and business shortcomings, creating proposals for business rules.

To set up a data management system, it is necessary to concentrate in one place all the necessary functions such as repair and cleaning of data sources, setting up an accurate and clear process of cooperation of individual participants with submitting ideas to each other regarding editing individual records, approving changes and especially creating direct instructions for IT development even in the home office comfort.

These are exactly the features of the tools provided by Talend integration solutions, ensured by Data Preparation and Data Stewardship Console modules, which we will address in this context in the following sections entitled „Caring of data even during home office“.

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Author: Ivan Stríček

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