Key differences in the functionality of free (open source) and paid (Talend Data Fabric) tools of the Talend platform.

The solution can especially help smaller municipalities and collection companies.

Friday, 14 October 2022 13:52

URBIS 2022: How to steady waste costs

On October 12-13, 2022, we participated in the URBIS 2022 professional conference.

After a long break caused by the covid situation, our company prepared the 3rd annual professional event on current topics in the field of Data Management.

The costs of waste management are increasing, but thanks to the smart solution we were able to put the waste in order, say Jarmila Répássyová and Ivica Gajdošová from the city of Senec."

Municipalities can correct waste fees based on the obtained data on landfills, as explained in an interview with the business manager of the Žilina company MIM, which has developed its own system for recording and effective monitoring of waste containers.

The ESONA smart system saved the city of Senec costs for waste management. Other municipalities are also inspired by it.

V dňoch 23.– 24.6.2022 sme sa zúčastnili desiateho ročníka odbornej konferencie ODPADY 2022, ktorá sa konala v priestoroch  Holiday Inn v Žiline.

The Association of Public Works Organizations of the Slovak Republic is celebrating its 30th anniversary. We were there with a comprehensive ESONA waste management solution.

The export company T+T, together with us, is helping to implement a system in the city of Žilina in which it will be possible to export waste more easily, quickly, and more directly.

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