One of the forms of MIM´s social responsibility is the support of cultural and sports events in the form of sponsorship. Our philosophy is to support local entities, either through direct sponsorship, by providing a share of the tax paid for special purposes and the like. MIM uses the provision of a share of the tax paid for local entities supporting the health and sports development of children and youth, especially children with autism.

Every help means to us joy and a good feeling

This year, our company also decided to apply the 2% share of the tax paid to actively support “Nadácia šťastné srdcia” (Happy Hearts Foundation) and “Nadácia ADELI” (ADELI Foundation)..

Happy Hearts Foundation

The aim of our support is to help develop the quality of care for pediatric heart-surgery patients, to support research in the field of medicine, education and professional growth of doctors and other health professionals working in pediatric cardiac surgery, as well as treatment and care of individual patients and their families.

ADELI Foundation

Our financial support for patients with neurological movement disorders associated in the international rehabilitation center ADELI Medical will be used to provide quality, individual and intensive rehabilitation, enabling physically disabled children and adults to achieve a better, happy and quality life.


Selected sponsored entities and activities



As a sponsoring partner, MIM supported the Žilina Model United Nations conference, organized by students of T. Ružička Secondary Grammar School in Žilina in cooperation with the City of Žilina, the United Nations Information Service (UNIS) and FRASK (Association Franco Slovaque). In this way, we also actively contribute to the development of students' education on current event s, issues in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda, and help develop basic skills such as argumentation, information management, public interviews and meetings.


Volleyball Academy Žilina

MIM sponsors young female volleyball players organized under the Volleyball Academy Žilina.

“Kľačianska Desiatka”

Since 2012, MIM has been supporting the "Kľačianska Desiatka" (Kľačany Ten) running race. This is a traditional competition that takes place every year in the village of Kľačany, Hlohovec District. This sporting event was originally intended only for children and young people, but later adults and seniors joined them, too.

Kindergarten Trnavská in Žilina

In the form of a sponsorship gift, MIM decided to support Kindergarten Trnavská in Žilina. The donated notebook will be used not only for educational and development activities for young kindergarteners, but also for everyday registration activities and the creation of lesson plans for children.

“Pomocná ruka seniorom” Civic Association

A share of the paid tax was used to support the non-profit organization “Pomocná ruka seniorom” (Helping Hand to Seniors) Civic Association.