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The IT Association of Slovakia (ITAS) is the largest Slovak professional association of the most important domestic and foreign companies operating in the field of information and communication technologies. Founded in September 1999, the Association now has more than 100 members who together employ almost 30,000 employees in member firms.  More information...

MIM has been an active member of ITAS since 2006.

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The Slovak Center for Artificial Intelligence Research – Slovak.AI was founded in 2019 as a platform for excellence in artificial intelligence and connecting students, researchers, entrepreneurs, teachers, investors, and all those interested in artificial intelligence, whether professional or enthusiastic about its amazing potential. The aim of the Center is to contribute to the development of artificial intelligence in Slovakia. More information...More information...

MIM has been a partner of Slovak.AI since its establishment in 2019.




Komunálne výskumné a poradenské centrum, n.o. (Municipal Research and Advisory Center). - The objectives of the Community Research and Advisory Center are: to promote ideas and defend the principles of decentralization and to seek to further strengthen local democracy, to provide advisory and support services in education, research, development, scientific and technical services and information services, and services to support regional development and employment, the Union of Slovak Cities and individual cities in Slovakia. More information...


MIM is a co-founder of the Komunálne výskumné a poradenské centrum, n.o. since its foundation (2017).