At the annual tourist hiking trip, we test the fitness, stamina, and sometimes patience of us - colleagues and friends.

Together, we conquered many Tatra and Alpine peaks. We got exclusively wet in the Slovak Paradise, we checked the water temperature in Sochi, we were blown by a wind of the Mt. Blanc´s four-thousand-meter altitude, we were caressed by the Tatra fog and pleased by the Fatra sun... Winter sports activities are our other regular tradition. Looking at the world from the tops of snow-covered mountains gives us energy, joy but also humility.

MIM expedition to the island of Brac

Good relationships in the company are based on cooperation and work success, but also on “out of MIM” activities. This time we decided to explore the island of Brac together.

Interesting cycling circuits have thoroughly tested our fitness thanks to their elevations. We were rewarded with wonderful views of the island. From above we could enjoy the view of the most famous beach of Zlatni Rat. The hiking climb up the Vidova Gora was also pleasant. The mountain peak is the highest place on the island at 778 m above sea level.